Capital City: Ottawa
Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Local Time: GMT – 3.30
Telephone Code: + 1
Bank: Closed on Saturday and Sunday.
Exchange Rate: 1.00 CAD (Canadian Dollar) is equivalent to 58.29 BDT

For Bangladeshi visa seekers who want to travel to the Canada are issued visas in varies categories such as:

✔ Visit visa                ✔  Tourist visa               ✔ Business visa               ✔ Family visa               ✔Others


Canadian High Commission  in Dhaka, Bangladesh
The High Commission of Canada in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Madani Avenue,
Baridhara, Dhaka 1212
Phone: (+88) 02 9887091-97
Fax: (+88) 02 8823043
Website:  click here

VISA Types:

  1. Temporary Resident Visa:a) Visit as a Tourist or b) Visit on Business
  2. Study Permits:Extend your study permit and get information about working while you study or after you graduate.
  3. Work Permit:Extend a work permit or hire a foreign work.
  4. Permanent Resident Travel: A travel document is normally only valid for one single entry. You should apply for a new PR card as soon as you resume residence in Canada.

Canada Visa Fee:

please contact with us for updated price.

Processing Time:

Total approximate processing time is 10 to 15 working days (Time may vary depending on applicant’s profile and embassy actually processing time)

  1. Application for a Temporary Resident Visa made Outside of Canada
  2. Family Information
  3. Two passport photographs. Write your name and date of birth on the back of the photos.
  4. Copy of birth certificate
  5. Copy of marriage certificate where applicable Original valid passport or travel document. your passport have a minimum of two
  6. Details of your itinerary in Canada: provisional travel arrangements (airline and/or hotel booking)
  7. Proof of sufficient funds to cover expenses for the duration of your visit:
  8. Bank documents (e.g. fixed deposits, bank statements last six months)
  9. Evidence of assets in country residence (e.g. property ownership, proof of pension, investments, etc.)
  10. If you are not paying for your own trip, indicate how your trip will be funded and submit supporting documentation (e.g. parents’ bank documents, letter from employer covering costs, etc.)
  11. If you are visiting a friend or family:
  12. A letter of invitation and supporting documents from the inviter in Canada stating the purpose and duration of visit.
  13. Proof of relationship with the inviter in Canada (e.g. copy of birth certificate, baptismal certificate, copy of marriage certificate or proof of correspondence, etc.)
  14. Copy of inviter’s citizenship or immigration status document (e.g. Permanent Resident Card – please photocopy both sides, Study Permit, Work Permit, etc.)
  15. If you are employed, a signed original letter on company letterhead from the employer granting leave of absence and including:
  16. The applicant’s name, position, current salary and date of hire the employer’s name and address as well as the telephone and fax number.
  17. If you are self-employed, evidence of your business (business registration indicating your shares in the business, business license and financial documents, e.g. profit and loss statement, balance sheet, etc.)

If you are a student, an original letter from your school confirming that the school has approved your absence and indicating when you are required to return.

Please contact with us for updated Service fee and charge .

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