Dubai Visa From Bangladesh

Currency: United Arab Emirates dirham
Local Time: GMT + 4
Telephone Code: +971
Exchange Rate: 1.00 United Arab Emirates dirham equivalent to 23.10 BDT



The following documents should be scanned and saved into an USB/pen drive along with hard copies and to be submitted with credit card payment.

  1. Copies of the Passport containing photo page, Information of the Bearer details page and the destination visa page
  2. Recently held one passport sized photograph
  3. Letter of introduction from the company stating applicants designation and purpose of visit
  4. Translated & Notarised version of the trade license if the profession of main applicant is Business
  5. Confirmation of Flight booking on Emirates and the ticket number if issued already
  6. Mandatory Hotel booking made through Emirates Holidays, Bangladesh
  7. Both the visa fees @USD56 per person as well as the hotel charges to be paid via Intl. Credit Card.
  8. Any other documents if required by Dubai immigration
  9. In case of a foreign nationals, Work Permit, Job Certificate, Valid Bangladeshi Visa, Business       Card, Company forwarding letter are needed.

Payment and Duration

For Visa Fees and details please contact with us

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